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About Us

Enigma QPM provide expert support in the following:

We have helped dozens of businesses of all sizes to achieve certification of their management systems in a wide range of industry sectors. Our clients include several well known firms from which references are available. Our Management Systems services include implementation, training and auditing in the above areas.

Most ISO certification projects are initiated to gain the commercial benefits of achieving certification in response to customer requirements. However, once a project is underway our clients invariably realize additional benefits in terms of process improvements and better communication.

Enigma QPM's founder and principal consultant, Ray Murphy obtained a PhD that involved research into 16 quality consultancy projects that he carried out for clients. This experience helped to develop Enigma QPM's unique approach to helping clients in a flexible, sensible and intelligent way.

Check Lists

We have all experienced check lists that function as helpful reminders and reduce the risk of error. We also have to endure meaningless questionnaires and tick box exercises. The key to good quality management often comes down to deciding which category a proposed template or check list will be in.

Enigma QPM aims:

Defining Quality of Service

We define Quality of Service in terms of a business building a reputation over time by providing client perceived value. Clearly this value is indicated by a client’s continued willingness to pay for the service in a commercial context.

Our opinion of customer satisfaction surveys

We believe that customer satisfaction surveys often don’t add value, but can frustrate customers and waste their time, typically asking the wrong questions. We believe that customer satisfaction feedback is a natural outcome of a process and needs to be captured and measured by the business responsible for providing it. The business should not need to inconvenience the customer to achieve this. Management systems provide structures through which to manage this type of proactive client feedback.