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Our Background

Enigma QPM built a reputation as the leading provider of Quality of Service audits under the TopComm initiative required by Ofcom until 2009. In response to repeated client enquiries we approached Ofcom to become a Metering and Billing Approval Body.

After a detailed assessment and consultation process, Enigma QPM was appointed by Ofcom as an Approval Body for the independent assessment of Communications Providers under the Ofcom Metering and Billing Approval Scheme. Enigma is now an established TMBS audit body and was closely involved with Ofcom and the other certifciation bodies in developing the 2014 TMBS direction. We believe that the changes have improved the credibility of TMBS by re-focussing requirements on the princiles of measurement, analysis, understanding and improvement. Thus it can now add more value to service providers, their customers and other stakeholders.

The other business activities of Enigma, identified in the Management Systems part of the web site, are totally independent of Enigma's TMBS certification body activities. Indeed, the management systems work is in no way related to telecommunications or billing systems. This seperation is a regulatory requirements that Enigma is strictly bound by.


Benefits of Selecting Enigma QPM as your TMBS Audit Body

We can bring the necessary broad based skills to develop a fresh and flexible approach to Total Metering and Billing System (TMBS) approval based on adding value for both CPs and their customers.

We have existing knowledge of the end to end operations and management approach of CPs, including outsourced activities, developed through quality of service audits.

We have technical expertise of managing TMBSs from the perspective of an auditee, which provides added technical knowledge, empathy and understanding of the audit client’s position. This is particularly important in considering how risks and accuracy issues cannot be taken in isolation but need to be viewed with regard to end users, commercial issues and regulatory requirements.

The process of auditing is inextricably linked to the process of managing the TMBS. We will therefore work with CPs to identify audit evidence that will support management improvements and controls. This will ultimately benefit end users and satisfy the requirements of the independent audit process and the regulator.

Our audit approach seeks to distinguish between the underlying business as usual processes and any special causes of inaccuracy that emerge. Where temporary or exceptional issues are identified, for example during a migration process, it is likely that fixing one issue prompts several others.  Thus the process of obtaining evidence to clarify business risks can typically be expected to highlight related risks and business benefits.

Please contact Enigma QPM for further details about TMBS audits.