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ISO 9001

ISO9001 is the recognised Quality Management standard. We offer:

Quality has to be addressed in a way that your customers will ultimately be happy to pay for, so we help you to use quality as a marketing tool.

We can also help you to integrate a quality management system with Health and Safety or Environmental standards or meet the requirements of a range of specialist standards.

Pros and Cons of ISO 9001

A well managed quality system is focussed on customer relationships and has the following benefits:

A badly managed quality system has the following risks:

At Enigma QPM we use our experience to guide clients towards achieving the above benefits and overcoming the potential risks.

Complaint management

Customer complaint systems are often ineffective leading to customer churn and lost revenue. The main reasons for this are:

Enigma QPM provides the expertise to help businesses address these two areas in a practical way and so make complaint management effective.

Complaint management is a key element of a wider initiative to identify and remove the costs of failure in a business.